Mystical Party Ideas

Are you planning a special event that you want to add a little magic to? Make your next party unique with a little mystical fun. It’s very easy to put together an event with a mystical theme with elements of stars and moons. Think rich colors and curtains. Get creative with crystal ball displays and eight balls for party favors. You could also set up a display of love potions that guests could take home as favors as well.

We love the idea of a labyrinth cocktail bar. Work with your bartender to use dry ice and other elements to create smoke and fog in your drinks. For food try to serve more earthy dishes. Think about what a Wiccan might eat. Include lots of fruity and garden vegetable items cooked with natural herbs that infuse bewitching aromas. Scents are very essential to a party with such a theme because you are trying to create an experiential ambience.

The crème de la crème of your party will be the entertainment. You can invite fortune tellers and magicians, but make it real by inviting a priestess that can do love spells and create real love magic. A Sorceress from Red Mercury could impress your guests with her magical abilities that are said to be innate qualities passed down from generation to generation.

All in all, you can craft a magical party with all the right décor, food and libations, alongside stellar entertainment. When you have the right theme and really draw from what speaks to the theme, you will create a beautiful party.


Holiday Photo Ideas

The holidays are approaching and we are all looking forward to parties and getting together with friends and family. It’s time to start thinking about holiday greeting cards, invitations, and how to make our parties memorable. Wouldn’t it be great to commemorate your parties with photos of each of your guests in a fun way that perhaps even includes your party theme?

Photo booths are becoming more and more popular for parties. It’s very easy to set one up with props and you could just assign someone with a good camera to the duty of making sure everyone at the party gets their picture taken. One way to make sure that you don’t miss a guest is to set the photo booth up at the entrance to your party and ask your guests to go over and take a picture as you welcome them upon their arrival to the party. However, if you make the whole thing fun with props, we doubt anyone will want to miss out on the opportunity to get their picture taken at your party.


Some fun photo booth props that we found on Amazon are kits that include masks, hats, mustaches, and glasses all mounted on wood dowels for a vintage appearance. They come in small sets or large quantities for big parties. You can get your props in different themes as well. There is a great selection of Christmas photo booth props on Amazon as well. We think these props are great for your holiday party photo booth, but as a precursor to what your guests can look forward to, use them for your family holiday picture shoot that may be used for your holiday greeting cards or invitations.

We think the Social Media Photo Booth Prop Kit is a great idea for your greeting cards to remind guests to stay in touch well past the holidays.    

There are a lot of inviting photo booth signs that will beckon your guests to get their picture taken.  Some offer a circus theme and we love the vintage photo booth signs.


To set up your photo booth you will need a great backdrop. There are tons of backdrops available to set up for your parties that can be tied into your party theme. For holiday parties a little glitz and glamour would be great. We love the Metallic Foil Fringe Curtain that’s available on Amazon at a great price. The vintage paper photo backdrops also come out gorgeous in pictures.  It makes amateur photos appear stunningly professional at a nominal price.


What ever way you decide to set up you holiday photo sessions, fun props and backdrops can surely make a difference. Simply come up with a theme and get the accessories that will look great in your pictures.

Check List For a Special Event

I have thrown a lot of parties in my years as an event planner, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.  The following is my checklist for creating a special event experience that your guests will enjoy, and you won’t stress over:

1)   Rental Needs – Double check and reassess your rental needs several times.

2)   Secure rentals and staff (and, if needed, bathrooms) months in advance.

3)   Get you deliveries and do your set-up a day ahead (except for ice and flower arrangements).  This will allow you to see if anything is missing or broken and gives you time to correct it.

4)  Flower Arrangements – It’s best to have flower arrangements delivered the day of the event. If they arrive in advance, find a cool place to store them (preferably a refrigerator).

5)   Vendors – Create partnerships with your vendors and they will be more inclined to look for ways to help you out.

6)   Alcoholic Beverages – Plan ½ to ¾ bottle of wine per person. So for 20 people, you should have 10-15 bottles.  Chill your white wine well ahead of time.

7)   Have a timeline that details every little thing and communicate the vision and plan to everyone assisting you.

8)   Never panic, there is always a solution. And it’s just a party after all.

9)  Have fun! If you and your staff are having fun it sets the energy for the event and is contagious.

10)   Critique the event immediately after while everything is still fresh in your mind, so that you will be able to note what to do differently for the next time.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

We recently put together a Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday party!  Based on Eric Carl’s book, this theme was so much fun and colorful.  It is one of the more unique children’s themes that can be coordinated elegantly and still be playful.  We glammed it up with lots of crystal tableware, but kept it fun with fruits and color and grounded it with burlap for an earthy feel that the theme definitely requires.

Very fun and unique invitations using mason jars.



BeFunky_CIMG2317.jpg BeFunky_CIMG2452.jpg

BeFunky_CIMG2281.jpg BeFunky_CIMG2265.jpg

Fruits tell the story and creates a table scheme.


BeFunky_CIMG2335.jpg BeFunky_CIMG2331.jpg


Party Favors for adults and kids.  Butterfly and leaf bookmark favors for The Very Hungry Caterpillar books that guests received as well as caterpillar food (M&M’s)!



Tea Forte Tea with the leaf stems were served to coordinate with the theme.

BeFunky_CIMG2360.jpgPersonalized Water Bottles were a big hit.


“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” story was told with décor throughout the party.


Featured Venue Aquarium of the Pacific for Bridal Showers!

Today we are featuring Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.  This venue not only has facilities for elegant wedding and special occasion affairs, but it also offers unique party experiences.  It offers great educational birthday programs for kids, and our latest discovery is that Aquarium of the Pacific offers adult sleepovers.  This is a unique idea for a bridal shower party and it may even work for a mellow bachelor party.  Enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the Aquarium at night.  Unwind and relax with yoga and meditation, experience the excitement of animal interactions, learn through an informal lecture by marine educators, and sleep under one of the large exhibits.  This is a great idea for a bride who enjoys marine life or for a prelude to an under the sea themed wedding.  The event requires reservations for a minimum of 20 guests and includes gourmet pizza dinner, snacks, & continental breakfast.  Alcohol is available at this event to those 21 and over.

An Indian Wedding Celebration With A Peacock Theme

Preston Bailey’s one of a kind Peacock Floral arrangement inspired us to create an entire celebration with the peacock theme.  The peacock is the national bird of India and it symbolizes grace, joy, beauty and love.  There couldn’t be a better mascot for a wedding celebration and we spread the beauty of the peacock in our ideas for an Indian wedding or a celebration such as a sangeet or mehndi party.

peacock sangeet

The giant peacock floral arrangement would be a perfect backdrop for the bride and groom during the celebratory ceremony.  With this enormous floral piece as the center backdrop, very little additional decor is needed.


Rangoli is an Indian art form.  Traditionally Indian women would paint colorful art on the floors during auspicious celebrations.  Imagine these peacock rangoli paintings all over the floors of your wedding celebration.


This lovely Easter Lily backdrop coordinates very well with the Peacock Indian themed Wedding celebration.  It will fit perfectly behind the giant Peacock display if naturally aesthetic background is not present.


We love this Peacock themed floral chandelier that will beautifully hang above the bride and groom during the ceremony.

tumblr_mcu42uBoih1r568bqo1_1280 hennafootdetail2

It only makes sense that the bride would do Peacock Henna designs for her Peacock themed Indian Wedding celebration.  Inviting a Henna artist to do Peacock themed designs for all the ladies would be ideal.


We love these paper lanterns to cluster on one tree that guests can pick off and take home as favors or use the paper lanterns to present wedding favors in.

2013 Wedding Trend: Colors

Picture 5

Color is definitely the trend for 2013 weddings and rainbow colors are going to make an appearance in the spring and summer weddings for 2013.

rainbow 5


Decorate with color in every inch of your wedding.  It can be whimsical or elegant.  A splash of color in your wedding planning will bring vibrancy into your wedding.



Hot Southern California Wedding Locations

Southern California has long been considered a premier destination for weddings and receptions.  These are top wedding planner choices for unique wedding venues in Southern California:

Wedgewood at Glen Ivy Trilogy Golf Club is located at Glen Ivy.  This is your premiere choice for an Inland Empire wedding.  This golf course location is nestled at the top of a hill with an enchanting ambience and a ceremony site that overlooks a waterfall. 

The Spanish Hills Country Club is located in Ventura County.  At Spanish Hills Country Club you will enjoy the friendly warmth and elegance of a gracious private club which provides a spectacular outdoor ceremony site to hold your wedding.   You can have your ceremony services in a lush garden setting on top of a Grand Terrace. In our Grand Dining Room you’ll be delighted by luxurious Spanish Mediterranean design.

For a wedding on the beach, La Palapa Del Mar is beautiful in its French Empire Style located in Long Beach.  The Del Mar Banquet room overlooks beautiful Catalina Island, the Queen Mary, Pacific Ocean and boasts a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and the City lights at night.  The wine, the cobalt blues and the antique gold lace create an elegant and charming background for any occasion. It reminds one of going back in time, when crystal chandeliers, crystal candlesticks and antiques were the fashion.

Rancho Las Lomas is one of the most elegant wedding venue and private estates in America. This restored early California rancho offers a private and intimate atmosphere, set amidst exquisitely manicured botanical and zoological gardens.  Located in Laguna Beach, this is one of Orange County’s best kept secret.

Located in San Diego, at Carmel Mountain Ranch, guests are of highest priority.  Set amidst panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club is the picture perfect setting for your much anticipated day.  For wedding ceremonies, the enclosed outdoor gazebo offers an idyllic setting only steps away from your splendid reception. This is a classic wedding setting with the graceful flavor of a country club.

Villa Casa Bella is the perfect estate for destination weddings in Santa Barbara.  Located in the Ocean-front area of Santa Barbara and designed specifically with alfresco entertaining in mind, the stunning Villa Casa Bella has all the elements one would expect in the quintessential reception and wedding location.  The impressive bluff-top positioning of the villa affords the grounds with dramatic coastal and spectacular island views- perfect for an awe-inspiring wedding ceremony to unfold.

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway provides a highly unique wedding and reception location in Palm Springs!  Located nearly 3 miles above the Coachella Valley with panoramic views of the desert and the Mount San Jacinto State Park, begin your journey into matrimony with a 10-minute ride aboard the World’s largest rotating Tramway and the only rotating Tramway in the Western Hemisphere.    There are outdoor and indoor locations with patios and private banquet rooms along with the backdrop of giant pine trees and majestic mountains.

Southern California is a perfect place for a beach wedding or for a venue wedding.  From beach bluffs and Pacific Ocean views to private, enchanting settings, and snow covered mountain top views in the winter, you can have it all in Southern California.