Fabulous 2009 Wedding Color Trends: Silver is the “It Color”


Fabulous 2009 Wedding Color Trends: Silver is the “It Color” 
Silver Jewelery to Compliment 2009 Wedding Trend Color Silver/Platinum

Silver Jewelery to Compliment 2009 Wedding Trend Color Silver/Platinum


Last year chocolate brown was spotted at weddings as the “It Color”, combined with bold aqua and chartreuse, bright pink or cheery yellow.  For 2009 gray is the new “brown”.  While brown will not fade away, gray is the hippest color at weddings this year.  Gray might sound dull and especially muted for a spring wedding; however cool shades of gray can bring a classic and elegant feel, as well as offset the brighter colors and accents.  The most popular selection for 2009 may be a combination of the two.  Imagine mixing platinum grays with lavender, pewter, icy blues, and soft pinks. 
Gray switches the wedding color palette to cooler tones; however it is a lot of fun to spice it up.  The advantage to using gray is that it is so uiquely elegant that you can not stray from sophistication no matter how you choose to accent your wedding.  There are a wide range of color combinations for 2009 weddings, but the added bonus to the trend of gray color palettes is that you can mix and match colors that create cold contrasts, which you could never have imagined would go.  You can not go wrong no matter what color splash you add to your gray palette.  So think outside the box!   Gray comes in all tones and variations, such as lavender or pewter.  This would add a touch of purple or blue to it. 

Deep Purple Colored Incense Favors

Deep Purple Colored Incense Favors

An up and coming wedding combination is silver and purple.  It is predicted that this will be the most popular wedding color combination this year.  This is a cool, royal-looking selection. You can play with different shades of purple. Silver will lend to glittering, shimmering fabrics, jewelry, and makeup. This choice is perfect for a cool winter or early spring event, or any fantasy theme.  A Cinderella wedding theme would be idealistic with the royal purples and lavender along with the glittering silver grays.  Purple and lavender tulips are beautiful for spring weddings or out door garden themes as well.  Keep the table linens in the platinum grays and silver, use sliver mint julep cups for center piece arrangements and floras should be a combination of lavender tulips or purple roses. Other pretty lavender and silver accents would be lavender and silver organza pouches filled with traditional Jordan almonds at each place setting.  For a unique favor idea give lavender incense pouches or incense favors that will impress your guests.  Use charcoal for bridesmaid’s dresses and have them carry lavender flowers.  The purple and gray can even be great for a tropical themed wedding with purple orchids as part of the floral arrangements and gray linens topped with amethyst over lays.  The hottest combination this year will be silver and royal purple for any type of wedding.   More 2009 color contrasts to come….

Silver Favor Boxes

Silver Favor Boxes


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