Other Classic Colors That Will Be Makeing Appearances At 2009 Weddings As Co-stars With Subtle Gray

Pink has always been a popular color on the wedding scene. The beauty of this color is in its versatility. You can select everything from a pale pastel hue to bright neon.  Hot pink is slated to be one of the most popular hues in the upcoming year. Pairing this shade of pink with a dusty gray can give your color palette the perfect sense of balance.  Deck out the bridesmaids in classic, pastel or shocking pink for a modern twist to basic cream and white.  You will see charcoal grey dresses on Bridesmaids with pale pink sashes and pale pink Tulips as flowers. 

With the back drop of the grey and charcoal, rich gem colors like navy, plum, and amber are going to be hot.  jewel tones colage

And instead of chocolate brown, look to a soft crème brulee hue, bronzes, coppers…..and the come back color  is black. 

black and white collage

Soft gray or silver is a perfect contrast for black. 




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