Refreshing Green Weddings

Chartreuse green has been a leading wedding color for the past few years.  You have seen this pretty green combined with chocolate brown and aqua.  But this fresh green color can hold its ground alone.  The trend in weddings colors is to use one solid color as the focal point throughout the entire wedding.  Weddings colors have no other accents and highlights besides what the bride wears – usually white or ivory.  Among this trend towards one single color, stands this pretty chartreuse green, lime green or apple green and has become a popular choice for brides.  Start with the green in the invitations and take it through out the wedding to the cake, flowers, decorations, and down to the favors.  Pretty lime green favor vases can be found at to give out to guests, who will always remember your unique wedding colors as these fresh colored vases decorate their own home. This refreshing color has been popular for spring and summer weddings and can often been seen at fall weddings inspired by an apple theme.

green collage

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