Art Deco Wedding Theme

Art Deco is an icon of the 1920’s.  A roaring 20’s wedding would be a wedding from an era of unique class.  An idea that comes to mind when one thinks about Art Deco is old Hollywood.  Incorporating the culture of old Hollywood from the 20’s will definitely bring an Art Deco theme to the wedding.

To start with colors should be in bold black, silver and white.  A black tie event will be the most appropriate for this wedding theme.  The olden days of glamorous gowns and tuxedos are going to be fun for your guest and a unique experience.  Make sure that your invitations reflect this theme and maybe even include a password for guests to enter the event.  Select an orchestra and jazz music is a must for a wedding from the Art Deco era of the 1920’s.

An art deco wedding will be glamorous so jewels such as vintage chokers and chandelier earrings will be perfect. Hair combs with feathers and netting, toe peep pumps, feather fans, thigh-high stockings are all items and part of the roaring 20’s Art Deco style.  For wedding gowns try drop-waisted glamour, sashes with buckle brooches, silk roses sewn to your gown or pinned in your hair. Or, a vampy old Hollywood style mermaid gown with lots of back action. 

Glamorous and vintage wedding theme embodies décor full of White Callas, or ruffled Casablanca lilies.   Embellishments full of Ostrich or peacock feathers. Tall candelabras topped with tiny, fringed lampshades, and draped with long, dangly crystal chains and pendants will fill the wedding reception site with awe inspiring charm that your wedding guests will be surprised by.


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