Baby Shower Themes and Planning

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Red Damask & Aqua
Tweet Tweet Baby Shower
Cirque du Bebe Themed Baby Shower
Cirque du Bebe Invitation

Cirque du Bebe Invitation


Cirque du Bebe

A Cirque du Bebe themed baby shower is chic and elegant.  It is a fun carnival like festive party that is inviting for both mom-to- be and dad-tobe.  For this unique themed baby shower event planning think bright and vibrant colors.  Chosen here are yellow, blue, red, and black. 

Similar to Cirque du Soleil decorate the baby shower with a dramatic mixture of circus arts and street entertainment.  Lots of feathers and black and white prints are a must to bring in a French feel that is almost like Moulin Rouge.  Floating butterflies and venetian masks for the guests will be fun and elegant. 

Serve up colorful drinks, french appetizers, and dishes.  Carmel popcorn in paper cones will make the menu intunned with the theme.  A candy buffet along with the desert table is a must that depicts all the colors of the theme of the baby shower. 

Entertainment is the key to this baby shower.  Keep both the gents and ladies happy.  Magicians, Cirque du Soliel clowns and a few dancers that suit the theme, as well as a face painter that will please adults and children will keep the party going. 

This is not a typical baby shower of cute games and opening of presents, rather a sophisticated event in celebration of the upcoming arrival that men and women will all enjoy.


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