Breakfast Wedding Reception

When a bride is on a limited budget a wedding breakfast is an excellent idea.  Most venues offer lower rates for events during the day rather than the evening.  Another factor to take into consideration is perhaps holding your wedding reception breakfast on a Sunday or Friday when venues also offer better rates.  The menu at a wedding breakfast is lighter, which can save a bundle as well as the fact that guests will drink less early in the day.  Another option for a wedding breakfast is to cut out the full bar and serve one signature cocktail like mimosas alongside juice, coffee and tea.  You can also cut down on the wedding cake at a breakfast wedding reception.  Have small top layer cake that can stand on the top of a tiered tray with breakfast sweets displayed on the other layers.  Consider inexpensive sweet breakfast items like iced doughnuts in your wedding colors.  A breakfast wedding reception is the perfect culmination to a morning wedding ceremony.  Since the wedding will start early in the day, a breakfast wedding reception will appear to be a unique idea and quite a charming affair.


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