Indian Wedding Mehendi Celebration

A mehendi celebration is one of the oldest and most celebrated rituals of an Indian wedding.  Indian wedding planners pride themselves in elaborate décor for mehendi celebration rituals.  Mehendi also called henna signifies strength and power of love in a marriage and there for a very good omen for the bride.  It is also one of the 16 must have adornments of an Indian bride.  At a mehendi ceremony skilled henna artists are invited to apply the henna or mehendi to the bride.  It is an old belief that the darker the henna color turns out to be the more her husband will love her.  Indian wedding mehendi ceremonies are colorful and traditionally set apart from other Indian wedding celebrations with the color green.  When planning a mehendi ceremony it is ideal to use green in the decorations, cake decorations, Indian sweets, etc.  Give out green wedding favors like henna candles or bookmarks with henna designs.  Traditionally the mehendi party is mainly for women, so bangles or jewelry as wedding favors would also be lovely. 


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