Cameo Wedding Theme

A cameo wedding theme brings back the ambiance of the Victorian era.  When a cameo wedding theme is planned it exudes European elegance and old world charm.  However, the idea of antique cameo pins and jewelery as classic as it is also may seem old-fashioned.  When wedding planning with this quintessential theme, the colors that are chosen to compliment black silhouettes and cameo are what will determine whether there is a modern flair or a very traditional old world tone to the wedding.  If black and white is used, it can be very striking and modern.  The classic wedding color pink can be very traditional, but when various shades of pink and different styles are used with the cameo wedding them it can be very modern.  Other nontraditional colors that may be used with this theme are blue and green.  Lavender on the other hand is a very traditional wedding color, but deeper tones of purple can bring across a very modern element to a very traditional theme as the cameo.

Black and Pink Cameo Wedding theme with European Baroque charm that exudes old-fashioned elegance.

Black and White Cameo Themed Wedding for the modern bride.

Old traditional charm to the Black and White Cameo Wedding theme.

A spectacular Black and White Wedding Cake for a Cameo themed wedding.

A Wedding black wedding cake that will please the modern bride.

Traditional Soft Blue and Cameo wedding theme.

Blue and Cameo wedding with a modern look.

Shades of Green and Cameo Wedding ideas.


One thought on “Cameo Wedding Theme

  1. Great explanation about the Cameo wedding theme and how the different colour tones could change the style and level of formality. The cakes are stunning too. Two years after the blog and we are still having request of cameo, Victorian or Tudor elements with a vintage a flair or a challenging modern look.

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