An Indian Wedding Celebration With A Peacock Theme

Preston Bailey’s one of a kind Peacock Floral arrangement inspired us to create an entire celebration with the peacock theme.  The peacock is the national bird of India and it symbolizes grace, joy, beauty and love.  There couldn’t be a better mascot for a wedding celebration and we spread the beauty of the peacock in our ideas for an Indian wedding or a celebration such as a sangeet or mehndi party.

peacock sangeet

The giant peacock floral arrangement would be a perfect backdrop for the bride and groom during the celebratory ceremony.  With this enormous floral piece as the center backdrop, very little additional decor is needed.


Rangoli is an Indian art form.  Traditionally Indian women would paint colorful art on the floors during auspicious celebrations.  Imagine these peacock rangoli paintings all over the floors of your wedding celebration.


This lovely Easter Lily backdrop coordinates very well with the Peacock Indian themed Wedding celebration.  It will fit perfectly behind the giant Peacock display if naturally aesthetic background is not present.


We love this Peacock themed floral chandelier that will beautifully hang above the bride and groom during the ceremony.

tumblr_mcu42uBoih1r568bqo1_1280 hennafootdetail2

It only makes sense that the bride would do Peacock Henna designs for her Peacock themed Indian Wedding celebration.  Inviting a Henna artist to do Peacock themed designs for all the ladies would be ideal.


We love these paper lanterns to cluster on one tree that guests can pick off and take home as favors or use the paper lanterns to present wedding favors in.