Check List For a Special Event

I have thrown a lot of parties in my years as an event planner, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.  The following is my checklist for creating a special event experience that your guests will enjoy, and you won’t stress over:

1)   Rental Needs – Double check and reassess your rental needs several times.

2)   Secure rentals and staff (and, if needed, bathrooms) months in advance.

3)   Get you deliveries and do your set-up a day ahead (except for ice and flower arrangements).  This will allow you to see if anything is missing or broken and gives you time to correct it.

4)  Flower Arrangements – It’s best to have flower arrangements delivered the day of the event. If they arrive in advance, find a cool place to store them (preferably a refrigerator).

5)   Vendors – Create partnerships with your vendors and they will be more inclined to look for ways to help you out.

6)   Alcoholic Beverages – Plan ½ to ¾ bottle of wine per person. So for 20 people, you should have 10-15 bottles.  Chill your white wine well ahead of time.

7)   Have a timeline that details every little thing and communicate the vision and plan to everyone assisting you.

8)   Never panic, there is always a solution. And it’s just a party after all.

9)  Have fun! If you and your staff are having fun it sets the energy for the event and is contagious.

10)   Critique the event immediately after while everything is still fresh in your mind, so that you will be able to note what to do differently for the next time.