Holiday Photo Ideas

The holidays are approaching and we are all looking forward to parties and getting together with friends and family. It’s time to start thinking about holiday greeting cards, invitations, and how to make our parties memorable. Wouldn’t it be great to commemorate your parties with photos of each of your guests in a fun way that perhaps even includes your party theme?

Photo booths are becoming more and more popular for parties. It’s very easy to set one up with props and you could just assign someone with a good camera to the duty of making sure everyone at the party gets their picture taken. One way to make sure that you don’t miss a guest is to set the photo booth up at the entrance to your party and ask your guests to go over and take a picture as you welcome them upon their arrival to the party. However, if you make the whole thing fun with props, we doubt anyone will want to miss out on the opportunity to get their picture taken at your party.


Some fun photo booth props that we found on Amazon are kits that include masks, hats, mustaches, and glasses all mounted on wood dowels for a vintage appearance. They come in small sets or large quantities for big parties. You can get your props in different themes as well. There is a great selection of Christmas photo booth props on Amazon as well. We think these props are great for your holiday party photo booth, but as a precursor to what your guests can look forward to, use them for your family holiday picture shoot that may be used for your holiday greeting cards or invitations.

We think the Social Media Photo Booth Prop Kit is a great idea for your greeting cards to remind guests to stay in touch well past the holidays.    

There are a lot of inviting photo booth signs that will beckon your guests to get their picture taken.  Some offer a circus theme and we love the vintage photo booth signs.


To set up your photo booth you will need a great backdrop. There are tons of backdrops available to set up for your parties that can be tied into your party theme. For holiday parties a little glitz and glamour would be great. We love the Metallic Foil Fringe Curtain that’s available on Amazon at a great price. The vintage paper photo backdrops also come out gorgeous in pictures.  It makes amateur photos appear stunningly professional at a nominal price.


What ever way you decide to set up you holiday photo sessions, fun props and backdrops can surely make a difference. Simply come up with a theme and get the accessories that will look great in your pictures.