Mystical Party Ideas

Are you planning a special event that you want to add a little magic to? Make your next party unique with a little mystical fun. It’s very easy to put together an event with a mystical theme with elements of stars and moons. Think rich colors and curtains. Get creative with crystal ball displays and eight balls for party favors. You could also set up a display of love potions that guests could take home as favors as well.

We love the idea of a labyrinth cocktail bar. Work with your bartender to use dry ice and other elements to create smoke and fog in your drinks. For food try to serve more earthy dishes. Think about what a Wiccan might eat. Include lots of fruity and garden vegetable items cooked with natural herbs that infuse bewitching aromas. Scents are very essential to a party with such a theme because you are trying to create an experiential ambience.

The crème de la crème of your party will be the entertainment. You can invite fortune tellers and magicians, but make it real by inviting a priestess that can do love spells and create real love magic. A Sorceress from Red Mercury could impress your guests with her magical abilities that are said to be innate qualities passed down from generation to generation.

All in all, you can craft a magical party with all the right décor, food and libations, alongside stellar entertainment. When you have the right theme and really draw from what speaks to the theme, you will create a beautiful party.